Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mediterranean Feast

We are part of a monthly dinner club. The only rule is to try at least one new recipe.

The group has been requesting Middle East for a while since this is Tarzan's roots.

After a full day of cooking and help from Isam at the Middle East deli in Phoenix we pulled off an incredible feast.

On the menu


-Baba ganouj*





-fried hard boiled eggs

-spanakopita (spinach and meat filled)*


-beef kibbie balls with pine nuts*

-lamb kifta dish*

-pita bread

-3 types of olives

-French feta cheese



And Desert:


-birds nest*



-simple syrup*

-Arabic coffee

*recipes by Dede's Mediterranean kitchen (online) and Mary Ajalat Karadshei's Spice Bazaar Cookbook

Remember when I just liked hummus?

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Kim Thomas said...

Two Comments:
(1)Remember when I just liked hummus-RO
(2)Who needs Rafi's?

Diane said...

Do you have leftovers?
I love your dishes.

Queen B said...

the King and I are so jealous! His dad was from Lebanon, so he had a lot of Middle Eastern food growing up. He would have loved to have helped and then feasted :) why don't we live in Phoenix :(

Anonymous said...

I say make another feast. We can help. Mom