Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Letter 2010

I used to be fantastic at sending Christmas cards and "the letter", over the past couple years this tradition has fizzled. I did buy a box of 26 cards today (half price at the Harley Davidson store) that I may or may not send out next year.

So, if you don't get a card don't feel bad (no one did), but I am feeling nostalgic and in the mood to write my letter (never mind the peer pressure since dad emailed his out last night).


I will forever look upon 2010 as my favorite year as an adult.

2010 Laura has discovered that she likes petite filet mignon (medium rare), doesn't like broccoli, is ok with mayonnaise and ribs are great if you don't have to eat them off of the bone.

2010 Laura married the love of her life on one of my 12 favorite days of the year in May. I will briefly answer as many questions as I can recall that have been asked about him or the romance. 1967, Shehata - it is Egyptian, Director of IT Operations, still Young, Bora Bora, 2006, when he was 5, Lex and Jess, 5'11, yes, Tarzan, of course, July 25, mostly airports, 33.

Ash is a wonderful husband and father. He keeps me grounded, makes me shut down when I have been working too hard and laughs and my blog.


Lex, 20 is working as a scribe in the ED in Southern California. Loves the energy of hospitals and is still planning on becoming a neurosurgeon. There is not a more caring person who is always putting others first.

Jess, 19 is finishing up beauty school in March and community college is May. The best laid plans to graduate this December were delayed when she hurt her Achilles tendon and was put in a walking boot and told to rest. She is such a level headed, incredible person. Fast on the draw with her texting and quick to share of herself.

Miranda, 14, has figured out that music is her thing and focused on this talent. I love hearing her practice the piano from downstairs. She is trying out for the regional school choir in January. She started talking Spanish this year and loves her madre. She is definitely the fashion girl and has such an open trusting heart. I love watching her blossom into a little adult and awesome friend.

Rachel, 13 could easily be the campaign model for the Sports and Academic Barbie. She excels at anything athletic. She is running track, playing soccer and getting back on the basketball court. She is highly competitive and takes this to the classroom. There is nothing I love more that getting a text from her in the middle of the day telling me she has aced a test or has moved up in the ranking in her English class. She is an unbelievable friend and a great person.

Camdyn, 7 is growing up too fast. Smart, witty, funny, athletic and not 15. She learns from everyone around her and is a brilliant human. She has become the expert of anything electronic (downloading apps to Ash's phone, all games Wii, all games XBox, and creating favorites on her lap top). Not only is she my side kick but she is letting me train her to play scrabble with me. She is a tawny scrawny lion who is growing tall but not wide.

It has been a fascinating year. We are blessed beyond measure and wish the best holiday season and 2011 to all of our friends and family.



Tarzan said...

I love you baby! :-)

Queen B said...

Woohoo... I enjoyed "getting" your Christmas letter :) It definitely made the miles between us feel shorter than they (sadly) are.

I still vote that May 22nd was the funnest wedding I've ever been to, and we were so happy to share it with you guys.

2011 might be the year I finally fulfill my annual resolution of mailing out Christmas cards!

Supermom said...

I hope to get a Christmas Card! Great letter. My card and present is here waiting to give to you. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas! Love, Mom

Diane said...

2010 was a great year!

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing this "letter". It made me cry because I'm so happy that you and your family are doing so well!! It has been a fabulous year and thank you for allowing me the glimpse into your world. You are such a fabulous person and I'm blessed that you are part of my life!!

Kim Thomas said...

Being a hypochondriac I can't wait to have a Neurosurgeon in the family. Go Lex!

Love the letter!