Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Photos on the Fly

After seeing Santa at four airports in the last six days I finally had the time to stop (nevermind i was convinced it was the real Santa since he had green socks and a sparkle on his eye. Additionally it was a good hair moment).

My take away after this adventure was more than just a 4x6 with Santa

1. One more reason to love innovative Southwest
2. $20 off my next flight after only a 6 minute time commitment
3. Great demo of photo fusion software
4. Super nice elf
5. The fan blowing was a nice touch for the photo moment
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Anonymous said...

Not only does your hair look great but so do you, definitely a good time to take a picture. Mom

Diane said...

You are not sitting on his lap. Love the hair!

Queen B said...

LOVE the wind-blown hair.

so productive

Kim Thomas said...

I will tell you what, you look super hot....I'm digging it.