Monday, October 19, 2009

Just another morning at the coffee house

Barista (it was a boy do you still call them barista?): Welcome to Dutch Brothers what can I get for you
Me: I'll have an Large iced Kahlua Kicker, Strawberry-Mango Smoothie and a Medium Almond Joy
Barista: repeats order, and how about a smile with that
Me: what??
Barista: oh is the music too loud, I can turn it down?
Me: No its fine, and a smile is always a good thing
Barista: Well if a smile is good a free drink is always better (As he hands me a free drink card)
Me: oh dear it dropped
Barista: Ok I will use my light sabar to lift into into your car
Me: Ive got it its fine
Barista: Have a really good day
Me: Thanks

Kids: Mom he was so flirting with you
Me: Really?
REM: Oh come on mom he was going to use his light sabar


Amy said...

Good thing he didn't whip out his Light Saber in front of your girls!

Queen B said...

wow. No one has offered their light saber services... I apparently don't get flirted with enough!

Anonymous said...

I say he was a really nice guy, super pleasant, and a darn good employee. I'll hire him. Mom

Calamity Jane said...

I don't know what a "Charger" is but the Bronco's sure know how to get it done. I am also a fan of the Buffalo Bills, 49ers and the Chiefs.

Starbucks Fan said...

I find the Dutch brothers to be offensive. Keep your light sabar to yourself

Long Island Love said...

Does Kahlua Kicker have alcohol?

KFuj said...

Who says that, I'm going to use my light saber??

Star Wars Fan #1 said...

I own a lightsaber. It is useful for picking up chicks. It is also useful for picking up free drink cards, I now see.

Diane said...

No pictures of this guy?