Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SMS Between Alice and Jane


This may not be socially acceptable

SMS conversation following a conversation about Alice's Favorite American Idol contestant Anoop:

Jane: 9 Alice's and 7 anoop,s report to me
Alice: Wow! That many alices?
Jane: Only 2 Lauras
Alice: Are the alices asian
Jane: 6 of theM are
Alice: Yeah they usally are
Jane: Lmao


Jenn Ann said...

How many Jennifers?

Paula said...

Last night at Fazoli's there was an Asian couple sitting about 5 ft away when Princess, out of the blue, tells her daddy "Sometimes Chinese people fly over here to eat at Fazoli's"

Queen B said...

LOL @ Princess, too!

Kim Thomas said...
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Kim Thomas said...

All the Kim's are Korean Men

Alice said...

I love Anoop. I started realizing that many Alice's were Asian because all the old people named Alice were dying off. So then I was in college for my Masters classes and I started meeting people named Alice and I was confused as to why and so I asked and all of them told me that their parents thought it was a strong American name. So their you go. I have a strong American name. And I'll put a boot in your --- it's the American way!

Ruthie Girl said...

And the percentage that share her first and last name are always asian.

I share my name with 70 year old grandmas.