Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry Kim

She is just a sas, what can I say. I did chase her around the house to get the phone back. We are all sorry for her unkind unsportsmanlike comments

(yes, Jessica was a sassy mouth to the conterversary stirring champ who didnt support the home team).

PS Welcome to my world :)


Tarzan said...

Jessica has spoken... so let it be written so let it be told! :-)

Ann said...

That's a riot!

Kim Thomas said...

I just saw this blog (After the BB Messenger Conversation)...RO!

1. For the record: "Sorry Kim" Can be apologized for "I'm sorry" anytime.

2. "We are all sorry for the unsportsmanlike comments" is definitely an apology

3. There are now two internet documented incidents of Jessica telling me off.

4. You and I need to have a discussion about the "What is that" random photo

Paula said...

Give Sydney about 5 more years and Kim will livin' it every day.

Queen B said...

she is so darn cute. she looks like the ballerina in a jewelry box in this pic!