Friday, January 16, 2009

It's how far to Kim's house??

345 15 minute warning to children we are headed to California
352 Call from Deena, work crisis
416 In the car happy to be leaving only 16 minutes late
422 At mom's office to use fax machine
446 Get gas
500 On freeway realizing we are now in rush hour traffic
515 First "Are we there yet"
550 Child needs to pee
551 Second "Are we there yet"
625 Second child need to pee
628 Potty break at Rest Stop
645 Child who already pee'ed needs to poop
702 Potty break at Burger King
706 Twentieth "Are we there yet"
Time change
658 Discussing resolved crisis with Deena
701 Hang up (throw phone) and discuss driving with officer (no ticket issued)
712 Child who already pee'ed and pooped needs to pee
714 Child who already pee'ed and pooped crying because she cant wait
715 Potty Break on the side of the road
756 Text from child who already pee'ed and pooped and pee'ed
"Im sorry but i have to go agian"
812 Thirty third, "Are we there yet - combined with, I don't have room - with a little bit of my sister is bugging me"
827 Potty break at McDonalds
828 The entire car's luggage is reconfigured so that no child is sitting by each other
922 Stop for gas
939 Sixty second "Are we there yet"
1016 Children fall asleep
1035 Arrive safely in Pasadena


Ann said...

Mine always falls asleep right before we get there too! Wish I had known you were driving out. :)

Anonymous said...

It will all be worth it. Have fun. Auntie Em

Paula said...

LMAO at reconfigured luggage!!! I can soooo see that in my future. I cant make it to Al's school without one or both of the following:
--Princess leans waaayyyy over and hits Gman
--Gman throws a toy at Princess
--Gman removes his shoe & throws it at her

Queen B said...

Jenn suggests children's tylenol pm for road trips. I say Rubiks cube.

Ruthie Girl said...

nice history

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun to me! Love, Mom

Tarzan said...

for the record.... there is much more to the story... lmao :)