Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hand Eye Coordination

Playing games on your cell phone while traveling for work is a brainless activity. The universe has to be perfectly aligned to actually make the decision to click on the games icon in instead of the another brainless activity like perhaps email.

My criteria usually includes at least one of the following:
Not to tired to sleep on plane
Not too thirsty or hungry on plane(you don't want to be in the middle of a game and get interrupted with peanuts)
Clear brain so hand eye coordination is not affected
Less than 80 emails in your inbox
No need to shop skymall
No lotion on your hands
No crazy distracting child 2 seats over on the plane.
An old uninteresting airline specific magazine

Yesterday the universe was aligned . I played brick breaker. The last time the universe was aligned (about a year ago) my high score was 9160. Today my measly top score was 7480. Damn hand eye coordination. And instead of getting better with each game the score just kept deteriorating.

(this is where the post should change titles to something like - I am turning into my mother)

Sudoko. The universe alignment is even trickier on this one. Do I use the hard copy one in the boring airline specific magazine (which btw may have already been started by some other weary traveler) or do I slowly and deliberately press this icon on my phone. Do I pick easy, medium or hard.

So, I picked the medium phone sudoko. 11 min and 46 seconds later and I don't care about the hand eye coordination and I am thrilled that I am turning into my mother. Winning the electronic wizard this quickly is so much more satisfying then stopping your stopwatch (if you even took the time to time it) and looking at random numbers scratched and erased for completion of a written puzzle.

(wait maybe the name of this post should be: In case you don't know it I am incredibly competitive, and look how good I am mom at sudoko)


Tarzan said...

Dearest Jane,

I challenge you to a game of brick breaker or are you chicken?

You know where to fine me! :-)


Jenn Ann said...

Maybe your mom is just cool? I have Sudoko on my phone too.

And yes, I think we all know you are incredibly competitive. :)

Kim Thomas said...

I can't believe you have Suduko on your phone.

P.S. Long post

Anonymous said...

I have only played one game on my phone. It is called Bobby Carrot. The one and only time I played it was on the way home from Las Vegas this past November. Truly I hate all video games in all forms. Your mom is cool and that is OK that you are turning into her.


Ann said...

I'm no good at Sudoko. Manual or electronic.

Paula said...

I like to play one of the games that came on my Blackjack. It is kind of mind-numbing though. I just can't bring myself to pay money to download a game that is better!

Agent DragonFly said...

U SOO need a Nintendo DS with Brain AGe....not only does it have fun mind games, but also has suduko (which as a flight attendant I am pretty much required to LOVE).....and when you complete a puzzle it tells you completed it @ different levels (ie....walking speed, bicycle speed, jet speed, rocket speed).....ahhhh affirmations

Queen B said...

I could have written this post...except the part about 80 emails.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Yeah so I challenged Tarzan.

For those that care, I won all 5 games by at least 1000 points

Anonymous said...

Love Suduko, even the airplane magazine ones. If it is already started, I just keep looking for a new magazine. As for the electronic ones, well, I still haven't figured those out yet. Congrats! Mom