Saturday, April 2, 2016

The difference THREE decades make

When I was CEMs age, my sister got suckered into the Columbia House tape club (I do realize how much this will age me - not one of my children will know what this is and how frustrating it was for a teenager to get out of a contract because you taped a penny to a paper card and mailing it off for 12 free records — insert fine line that you signed up for membership and the promise of future purchasing)

The biggest benefit of the club is they would sometimes send her "popular" albums (children - this was great exposure to cool, new music. Specifically for young fans who had never known a world called the Internet or Amazon) that was delivered right to your door.  The door so far away that even pizza delivery wasn't possible.

Of all these deliveries - Lover Boy "working for the weekend" was one of my favorites.  This song was often played above the correct decibel while I did my chores. One problem. My mother hates the album cover.  Hated it so bad that it had to be discarded and a homemade insert for the cassette tape was created.


Over the course of being a mother I have come to realize the disdain my own mom had for songs like "Jack and Diane" and anything by the Violent Femmes.

Yesterday when decibels were too loud in car my and I was enjoying a new song CEM has at her fingertips. I saw the album cover.


And 1981 called. I laughed, I drew the comparison, and then listened to her music downloaded - without having to tape the penny.

And thought of my mother.


Kim Thomas said...

One of my favorite movie lines comes from Reality Bites "The Columbia Record and tape company guy has been after my ass for years"

PS I had to throw out my first Oingo Boingo concert tshirt because my mom didn't like "Dia De Los Muertas". We celebrate Easter not the dead.

Sara Watson said...

LOL. Totally reminds me of how I used to rock out to my cassette of Ice Ice Baby....until my mom got a hold of the album cover, which had the song lyrics in it. There were apparently some very inappropriate songs on that album....but I never made it beyond Ice Ice Baby. It was promptly discarded by my mom :(

Amy J said...

That is a shocking album cover. I did the Columbia House record club as well. My mom did not like the cover of my Dead or Alive Nude album.

Anonymous said...

Oh the fun of being a Grandma and just sitting back and watching it all.