Sunday, May 3, 2015

3 days away

Any expert traveler knows that to maximize space and limit baggage you have to wear outfits over again.  The best approach is to make certain the outfit is worn in different cities with different audiences.  The other trick of the trade is to plan your hair when traveling multiple days to start with clean hair, then curl day two, then day three go for a pulled back look to prevent having to wash your hair and take all your product with you.

On Thursday I had dinner with Rebecca.  I worked in Phoenix all day (outfit 1, fresh clean hair) flew to Sacramento and we had dinner.  Friday I didn’t see Rebecca all day (outfit 2 and great hair).  On Saturday morning as I was getting dressed (outfit 1 and pulled back hair); I briefly thought “I hope I don’t see Rebecca today since she is the only one who has seen me in this outfit”.  While rounding I walked into the command center and didn’t see her (woo woo), then she came around the corner.  Her mouth dropped and she said, “Oh crap I didn’t want to see you today”.

Me, “Why because I am the only one who has seen you in the outfit? And by the way I love the pulled back hair”

Rebecca “Exactly”


Sara Watson said...

RO! so funny!

Diane said...

Pulled back hair looks good. Great tips;)

Kim Thomas said...

I gave you a verbal RO on this...still funny