Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Adventure with Ruth

Last November, Ruth called (or maybe it was texted since it was 2013) and asked what I wanted for Christmas. I responded back a scarf, a hat and spend time with me.

Fully expecting a gift certificate to go to Starbucks on a Saturday morning I was totally surprised at the Miley Cyrus tickets that was coyly wrapped with the scarf, hat, target gift certificate and poop smell remover. She was so serious about the time together that she had already purchased her air to Santa Ana/Orange County (locals call it John Wayne) airport.  I quickly bought my airfare for the big day 2/20/14.

It has taken me three days to sit down and try to explain how much this trip meant to me.  We both have crazy busy schedules and the timing couldnt have been more stressful for both of us.  I am so thankful it was on the words but quite simply is this: I feel blessed to have such an amazing sister, I was proud when anyone asked if we were sisters (and even more so when we were asked if we were twins), I feel connected to this super cool chick that lives 1.66 miles from me and cant wait to laugh over and over again at the memories we gained (see pics from Disney and Miley adventure) in that 22 hours staying in room 222 on 2/20.

I love you Rude!


Ajia Fierce


Sara Watson said...

What a fantastic gift and what a perfect gift request :)

Alice said...

My heart is happy but also aching for an adventure like this for all of us. Is been three years since my baby shower/30th birthday party. We need another girls night like that.

Diane said...

Time we'll spent and the best gift!

Kim Thomas said...

Couldn't love this summary more