Monday, September 2, 2013

Memory of a grandma: and probably just allergies

Today while headed to lunch Tarzan sneezed 4 times.  I said, "was that four sneezes I think that means you get a letter". 

Both he and Jess looked at me oddly. 

What you've never heard the old wives tale about sneezing?

And again they looked at me oddly.

According to google:

Sneeze once for sorrow; Sneeze twice for joy; Sneeze three times for a letter; Sneeze four times for a boy; Sneeze five times for silver; Sneeze six times for gold; Sneeze seven times for a secret that never will be told.

So I was wrong four times is for a boy.

And one more reason I love my Grandma O'Haver who recited her poem every time someone had multiple sneezes.


See moms comments.  She got it right ;)


Diane said...

no letter for Tarzan:(

MoM said...

I love that too. But her's was different - 1 is a kiss, 2 is a wish, 3 is a letter and 4 is something better. Amazing what we can still remember even when we get older.

Sara Watson said...

hmmm. I always sneezed in 3s.