Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fusion and my sidekick

CEM got to experience a "go to work day" with her mom today.  Instead of a long at the office she got to experience a 2 day retreat and the kick off of the much anticipated Fusion Delivery Team.

She could tell you more about DISC assessments (ie she can read your personality) than any other kid on the planet, she was social and interacted with such grace. She was even challenged to facilitate a song with the crowd and did amazing.

Finished off with a informative (ie these people mom work with are actually kind of cool) at Melting Pot.

Great day with a great little me (hey did anyone ever tell you that you look like your mom?)


Diane said...

Lol do you know you look like your mom? Great compliment, do they know you have 3 little look alikes:) cute outfit cem! Smartest 10 yr old I know

Sara Watson said...

so cool!

Kim Thomas said...

So lucky!