Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outside my window

Last night I was remarkably impressed with the view outside my hotel window in Cincinnati. As just about anyone knows I always have a song in my head and went to bed with a version of "Outside My Window" in my head. Problem is I only knew half of the chorus. This was a troubling way to fall asleep, even more so waking up to this partial song in my head.

I googled the lyrics this am. What I didn't realize was how sad every version of this song is. Not at all how I was feeling after I saw the cool skyline.

Morning view not as cool, maybe it matched the lyrics better.

Song in my head changed quickly thereafter to "I'm going home" (which on American Idol is very sad bit great news for me today)


SAngRiA Smiles said...

too bad Ochocinco is not still a Bengal

Diane said...

Nighttime photo much better. Always good to come home.

Alice said...

I don't know -- the night picture is awesome but I love the day photo too. Just a beautiful picture with a day full of possibilities.