Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tarzan, Green Shirt, Big Stuff

While in Southern California a couple weeks ago my husband graciously posed for this photo in front of the giant shaver. I had drafted in my head this great post describing why men needed large shavers and women needed small shavers accompanied with me holding a regular sized shaver. All that was needed was 5 minutes for me to write it down after I took the 10 seconds to take the photo of me (not so good hair days caused the major delay here).

It was drafted until today when, while at lunch, with Tarzan in the same green shirt there was an oversized poster of a bottle of beer.

The new series that could follow :)

Tarzan, Green shirt, Big Stuff (and really what were the chances that he would be wearing the same shirt) trumped the pre-drafted opposites attract.

What a good man.


Queen B said...

I could use that big beer! Not so much the big razor....

Diane said...

i hope you drove after he had that big beer.

Kim Thomas said...

Lobe how the shirt can be dressed up or down and can't wait for the next photo.