Monday, December 14, 2009

My DMV Lessons and Observations

12/29/06 I learned the lesson "If you are bored its your own fault". This is a lesson that I have relived many times in the last three years. I was lucky enough today when I was in Christmas music hell at the DMV to be amused at my surroundings.

1. 2 people waited in line with glasses on
2. 17 people waited with sunglasses on their heads, 22 people had hats on
3. I was impressed with the OSHA friendly signs with their plastic coverings on the wall (and I got a spanish lesson :))

4. Not sure what this is for, but is definitely not for trash5. Dude, I'm thinking not a great shirt to wear if you are taking a driving test today

6. Lane 6 is by far the most productive7. The chairs are green and so were 11 of the 29 shirts in the place (however the people count doubled over lunch and fewer of them were wearing green.) Lesson here: arrive prior to 12:35 and it doesnt matter what color your shirt is8.There was only one Harley shirt, but their was 7 people supporting sports teams. Athletics seems to trump 2 wheeled vehicles

9. The tallest and the shortest person in line arrived together

10. Other non photographed observations:

  • There were 8 Christmas trees but no poinsettas
  • Only 2 people used canes (real, not candy)
  • The girls bathroom needed some decorations
  • People in scrubs shouldnt leave their jobs to come to the DMV
  • The weather outside is frightful (or so says the most obnoxious over worked Christmas song in a jazz tone playing over head)


KFuj said...

I love all these observations!!

That is what I would do while waiting too.

Ruthie Girl said...

I guess I would be on the athletic side of the bike.

Amy said...

I prefer to take a book and ignore those around me. :)

Ann said...

I think I know the guy in the HD shirt! If it's who I think it is, I met him a few weeks ago at a toy run! LOL!

Queen B said...

RO! This is my fave post of the month so far... amazing observations

I'm with Amy

WOW @ Ann

pic 4 - only a trash bin for flat, rectangular objects?

lane 6 worker is my hero - what a multi-tasker!

Anonymous said...

Hey - for not being bored - too funny! Mom

Kim Thomas said...

#4 is my absolute favorite!

And poor Amy and Queen B. They are missing so much by ignoring those around them.

Diane said...

4. Maybe for recycle?

Good observations. I don't like when people leave their sunglasses on inside, what nerds.